Gym Soundproofing

Gyms are full of noise as people make a variety of sounds as they work out – the metal plates slamming together, feet stomping on the treadmills, music thumping out of the speakers, and general chatter. This noise can be distracting for the yoga class going on in the room next door – and it could be enraging your neighbours – and so soundproofing your gym is the key to keeping everyone happy.

Soundproof Gym Floorings

With all the banging, crashing and jumping going on, soundproofing the gym’s floor is the first place to start. Depending on how large the gym is, whether it has been installed in an existing building – or whether it’s a home or commercial gym – will all be considerations when finding the perfect soundproofing solution. Let’s run through your options.

Acoustic Mats

The most cost-effective solution when soundproofing a gym is to instal durable acoustic mats that have been designed specifically to deal with the heavy impact of Olympic weightlifting, deadlifting and other free-weight exercises. These are easily customisable to fit your floor plan and they provide protection for the floor and the weights by cushioning the impact.

For less high-impact exercise spaces, thinner mats can be fitted, which are just a few millimetres thick. These will attenuate the noise from exercises such as running and skipping as well as from treadmills and other impact equipment that has been placed on the floor.

When it comes to weight machines, the repetitive clang of metal plates can become a serious nuisance. Thankfully there are a number of products that have been designed to be fitted between the weights in order to reduce the noise of the impact. In most cases, these can be easily installed, without having to dismantle the machine.

Sound Deadening Floors

In aerobics rooms where padded flooring is undesirable, a wooden floor should be combined with acoustic underlays. Designed to specifically tackle impact noise, the acoustic underlay can be used in conjunction with noise barrier mats for an even more robust soundproofing solution.

Isolated Floors

When it comes to soundproofing a gym, the ultimate solution is to isolate the floor itself from the structure below. This solution requires the floor battens to be isolated from the base floor, and floor boards should be isolated from the joists to reduce impact noise transmission. Sound deadening floors and acoustic mats can then be installed on top of this system to provide even greater reductions in noise.


Soundproof Doors for Aerobics Rooms

Whether it’s a spin class or ‘Legs, Bums and Tums’ – all classes are more motivating when set to fast-paced dance music. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to hear the pulsing bass and shuffling high hat – and so by installing specialist soundproof doors, you can turn the volume up and keep the energy high, without affecting everyone else’s experience at the gym.


Soundproof Windows

As the saying goes – you’re only as strong as your weakest link. If your floor is effectively soundproofed, noise can still escape through the windows to annoy the neighbours. Soundproof windows are one of the best ways to strengthen the soundproofing ability of any space – and gyms will benefit from installing extra-thick glazing panels laminated with PVB, which can be installed from floor to ceiling to achieve excellent acoustic performance.

Unfortunately this type of glazing cannot be installed in most homes – however there are a range of other products which can be installed including timber, aluminium and PVC products.